Our Wines

Kent Rasmussen Winery produces three different lines of wines, all beautifully made by winemaker, Kent Rasmussen.  Should you desire detailed production notes, you can either email us for them, or go to our national sales manager, Ron Berger's website

Here’s how the three labels differ:

Kent Rasmussen Winery

Kent Rasmussen Winery is our flagship label, and Pinot Noir is the wine that has made us famous.  With a combination of superior Pinot Noir fruit and Kent's winemaking prowess dating back to 1986, our Pinot Noir has earned its reputation as one of California’s finest.

Ramsay Wines

Ramsay is a companion label for us, with wines offering superior quality at a wonderful price. Restaurants love these wines because their style goes so well with a wide variety of foods.  Kent chooses grapes and blends with great care to achieve stylistic continuity, year in, year out.  Look for our Ramsay Pinot Noir, Merlot, Petite Sirah and Cabernet Sauvignon wines.


Esoterica explores the nuance and uniqueness of rare, under-used and even unknown varieties and hopefully provides a spark for the wider acceptance of grapes that are “different”!  In Napa, we’ve become dependent to certain grapes, so it's important to us to keep alive the thrill of discovery.  Small production means just that—so if you find you love one of these, stock up!